Creative 404 Error Pages

Creating creative 404 error pages are something that I do for fun and to also get out my creative juices. After finishing the Daily UI challenge I needed something to do. I remembered that one of the daily ui design challenges was to create a 404 error page and at the time had so many ideas for that particular challenge. I ended up on designing a “Lost” themed 404 error page for the challenge and shelving the ideas I had for others at the time for later time. So when I finished the challenge I decided using some of those ideas I had to design up some new 404’s. Then I had did some research on 404’s and it turned out that having a good custom 404 with a button to the index page and a optional search option, which I was already doing, was something that benefitted a website and the site’s SEO. I then started designing custom 404 pages for my clients as a design option.