Explainer Animation Case Study

Bluegrass on the Pawtuxet Explainer Video

For this explainer video, I chose to do it on the Bluegrass on the Pawtuxet Music Festival because I thought it would be a good subject to give some further insight to and I thought would also be good subject to work further on because I had designed a booklet and website for the festival earlier this year. I designed this animation in my Motion Graphics II class as the final assignment for this course. The point of this assignment was to explain a product or service to an audience. We also had to use a combination of animation, green screen, video, and type to explain the subject we chose. For the look of the video I wanted to have a Bluegrass feel to it with paper background, textured assets, and music. In the end once the the piece was finished I felt it did its job as a explainer video and explained the Bluegrass on the Pawtuxet music festival and why people should attend it.


Before designing this explainer video in the software programs  Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Media Encoder, and Illustrator I had to create a script and storyboards to get out my idea for the direction I was going to go with for this particular animation. Above are a couple examples of the storyboards I created for this piece.


The Assets for this animation piece were mainly designed in Adobe Illustrator and a couple of them were edited or designed using Adobe Photoshop. I wanted to create most of the assets in Illustrator because they were vector and I wouldn’t run into any issue of scaling them up in After Effects. After creating the assets in Illustrator I brought them in to After Effects and put a overlay on them to give them the grungy grainy look to them so they would look old, have a more Bluegrass feel to them, and they wouldn’t look so clean.