This autobiography I did for an extra credit assignment for my Project Planning class. At the time I was also a taking a video production class, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to further develop my video production skills. I also incorporated a short intro title into it, designed to show my love of Star Wars and show my sense of humor. I shot this video with a Canon T4I, and edited it in Adobe Premier and Prelude, and recorded the audio in Audition. I also designed a opening and end title and one scene in After Effects.

Hey 19 Twin River Ad

This is a photo essay ad I created from photography I did of the Steely Dan tribute band Hey 19 while they were playing at the Showcase Live at Patriot Place in Foxborough, Massachusetts. I created this ad for them for their up and coming gig they had scheduled at the Twin River Casino in Lincoln Rhode Island.

How to play the Blues Scale

I chose to do my how to video on music because it was a subject that I know fairly well, and I thought the subject would make for a good tutorial. I chose the blues scale because I love Rock and Roll and the Blues are where Rock and Rolls roots came from. I did this assignment for my Desktop Video Production class during my Associates degree. I used a canon T4I to shoot the video and Adobe Premier, Prelude and Audition to edit it. For the Video we had to create an opening title and I added a ending title which I designed in After Effects.

Neit Promo

I filmed this NEIT Promo for a assignment during the second quarter of my Bachelors degree. I filmed the promo with a Canon T5I and edited the footage and sound in Adobe Premiere. Then I added and animated the graphics in Adobe After Effects.

Hey 19 Video

This is a music video that Joel Kitts and I filmed during my Associates degree of the Steely Dan tribute band Hey 19, while they performed at the Ocean Mist bar in Rhode Island. I did quite a bit of photography work for them, photographing numerous shows in and out of Rhode Island. I got the opportunity to do this because I know the drummer of the band, who happens to be one of my instructors at New England Tech, Ajay Coletta.

How to make Meringue Mushrooms

The second how to video I created during the second quarter of my Bachelors degree. I chose the meringue mushrooms as the subject because they are a family Christmas tradition and I have make them every year. I thought having this video would be a great way to share the recipe with others because I am always asked how I make these cookies. I the assignment was a team project and I filmed it with my fellow classmate and friend Kasey Sparadeo. I filmed the video with a Canon T5I and edited the video and audio in Adobe Premiere and then added the graphics in Adobe After Effects.

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