Photo Essay 1

Musical Instruments

I have had a love for photography for quite some time. The first photo essay is my quarter one essay I did for my Digital Photography class. I chose to do it on musical instruments because I love music, and I am a musician as well as a Graphic Designer. I wanted to shoot them from a different point of view than one would normally see to give the instruments an abstract feel. I shot all of these pictures using Nikon SRL 3100D.

Photo Essay 2

Shutter Speed

The second photo essay is slow shutter speed shots that I took at the beginning an end of my Associates degree. I have always loved shutter speed shots like these and I wanted to add more photography to my portfolio. I shot all of these images using my Nikon SRL 3100D.

Photo Essay 3

New Hampshire

The third photo essay is a landscape photo essay. I also love landscape shots because I find them to be very beautiful, and I wanted to do one for my portfolio. I chose to do this one on New Hampshire’s landscape. I shot all of these pictures using my Nikon SRL 3100D.


Before and After shots

These pictures of jewelry I shot while working an Internship. I took these pictures using a Sony digital SLR camera then knocked out backgrounds and color corrected them in Adobe Photoshop. These are series before and after shots. The zipper cuff links are actually two pictures to make the final one because the final jewelry shot required that everything was in focus. For the silver necklace that I shot, I was required to shoot all three color versions of it. Rather knocking the backgrounds out, color correcting, and doing various level adjustments on all three necklaces I made two other color versions, black and gold, from the original silver neckless to save time.

If you want to see more of my Photography