Photography II

Here is some more of my photography

Hey Nineteen

These images here are some photography I did as freelance jobs for the Steely Dan tribute band Hey Nineteen at various venues they played at. I did Photography and some video for them for a little over a year. It was a great experience for me and I learned a lot about photography during these shows on my own. Hey Nineteen is really good band and I enjoyed doing Photography for them. If you like Steely Dan or just want to see a great eleven piece band for a night out on the town check out there website.

Fort Adams in Newport Rhode Island

This is some photography I did at Fort Adams at the Rock the Fort Festival while taking pictures for the band Hey 19. In my down time and at the end of the show I took the opportunity to take pictures of Fort Adams and the surrounding area.

Providence and the RISD Museum

This some photography I did while I was touring the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) museum and also some photography I did while walking around Providence.

Photography for Fun

This section is just some of my photography I have done at various locations such as, Fort Wetherill in Jamestown, just for the love of photography. I always bring my camera when I go down to Jamestown or go on any trip such as, going to New Hampshire, you just never know what opportunity will arise for a great photo. Fort Wetherill is just one of those great spots where you can get a lot of good photos because of the various landscapes and textures.

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