Print Design

Pasta Box

This is my pasta box that I designed in Illustrator and Photoshop during the first quarter of my Bachelors degree in my Package Design I class. For the package design’s look I was going for a high end feel. I would market this pasta product in a gourmet section of a store or in a gourmet food store. This was the first print design that assignment that I did for my bachelors degree and the pasta boxes’s design was so successful that my instructor had it displayed in the hall at school in our display case.





The brochure I designed was created in my Typography I class in my second quarter of my Associates degree. I created brochure in conjunction with the quarter two website and website’s logo to have a cross brand between he three. This was my first cross branding project that I did for a school assignment and it was the first print design that I did for school. I created the brochure in Adobe Photoshop and it had to mirror the website, so I used various images that were in the website.


The postcards I designed as a assignment in the final quarter of my Bachelors program for a thank you to the employers that I interviewed with. All of the students in my class were sent out to two employers to interview and present their portfolio. As a follow up we were to design a postcard, get them printed and then send them to all the people that we intervened with. I chose to use some of my photography as a design for my postcards and then I designed a back.

Marilyn Ezine

The Marilyn Ezine went through various design versions. It started out as a typeface which led to the typography poster which you can see on my typography page. Then I designed a print PDF and a interactive PDF ezine that told the story of why I chose the Marilyn Monroe as my inspiration for my typeface and poster. After I designed the ezine and I had exported those versions from InDesign I made an EPUB and exported that then created a MOBI version in Calibre of the ezine. The next step in the process was to go back to the print version of the file and print it, cut it and assemble it.

I had seen previous versions of various booklets students had designed and I want to do something a little different. Since this was the first time the my instructor had us design a double sided ezine I thought that it would different to have the process told last and put that on the reverse side on the fold out poster and have the booklet interior pages reserved for my story to why I had chose Marilyn Monroe as my inspiration for my typeface and poster design. I thought that this would layout better for my design and story.