These are my Typography posters I designed in my quarter two Typography I class during my Associates degree and in my Typography II class during my Bachelors degree. The first Marilyn Monroe poster I designed in my Typography II class. I had to design my own typeface which can be seen along the top of the poster. I first drew out the type with a calligraphy pen then brought it into Illustrator and traced the letters with the pen tool to make them vector before exporting them out as jpeg and uploading to a typeface creation site and downloading the typeface as a ttf file. Then I made the majority of the poster in Photoshop before bringing it into Illustrator to be combined with my typeface. The second Marilyn Monroe typography poster I designed between my Associates and Bachelors degree for fun. The remaining typography posters were created during my associates degree as assignments. We were assigned a specific font, and we had to design a poster using only fonts other than the background texture or image. We could do a second one for extra credit if we so chose. I did my second poster on Baskerville font, and I think it was better than my original Garamond font poster I designed. I created these posters in Adobe Photoshop. I like to try to create something on daily basis because, I feel that if don’t, the day is a waste.