User Interface User Experience


The Assignment

This Way Finding assignment was a team collaboration I did with a couple of my classmates, Ryan Rodrigues, and Kasey Sparadeo, for our User Interface User Experience (UIUX) class. The assignment was to approve upon the current way finding for the college and make it easier for people (visitors, students, faculty) to find the destination they need to get to. We also had to came up with kiosk directories to be placed around the school, color scheme the halls, and display student projects to let people know what department they were currently in without having to look at a map. We also developed a mobile app for students called “Wayfinder” to find their classes and location, plus additional features like class schedules, events and contact options. Creating a directory, and pictograms for each department was essential.

Taking to the next level

Because initially the assignment was to do just sketches,once the assignment was completed Ryan Rodrigues and I wanted to take it a step further and render out our ideas and sketches. So we went about following the schools current color scheme for the kiosk and Wayfinder app so that they mirrored each other. We then turned the sketches into final renderings in Illustrator and Photoshop and also created 3D models, using Cinema 4D.



Kiosk Screen

Kiosk Render

The Kiosk

For the Kiosk we wanted the user interface design to be large and easy to navigate. Our solution was to create a kiosk that could be placed at all of the entrances of the school and be easy for any visitor to navigate. We also wanted to have features on the kiosk such as upcoming events and a faculty-find button for quick searches.

The App

From Sketch to Rendering

The App

The Splash Page

The Home Page

The Wayfinder

The Destination

The App

For the way finder mobile app design you can see the process of a user going from opening the app to their destination. We used the same color scheme for the app screens, we felt that was important because it was cross branding within the school. We also tried to keep the app simple looking and minimal so it was easy for any visitor to understand.


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