Marilyn Monroe Poster

Final Poster

The Marilyn Monroe mixed art styles poster is one of four of my final posters I did for my Graphic Design in the 20th Century class. This one in particular is my favorite of the four, and my instructor really liked it as well. I chose to design a Marilyn Monroe poster because I have admired her as long as I can remember; she is iconic, and I wanted to do something different from the other four I was designing at the time and from what other posters I had created previously for my class. The Marilyn Monroe poster was for the final assignment for the class and it encompassed everything that we had learned about the history of graphic design in the twentieth century in the class over the entire quarter.


Some of my inspiration for the Marilyn Monroe came from this Art Nouveau poster by artist Theria Rose that I found at bing/ and some other various Art Nouveau posters that I had seen online. Other Inspiration for the poster came from the class itself from the videos we had watched and presentations on the various art style. Furthermore, I gained knowledge and inspiration from the book that we had for that class.


I gathered various images from bing/ and combined them with some Photoshop shapes, and I also created a Mucha Cresent in Photoshop. I manipulated some of the images by changing their color or removing parts of them to get what I wanted for the design. The graphics that I used for the poster were Art Nouveau and Art Deco. While the other two art styles, Impressionism and Plakatstil were covered in the design by the colors I used and the subject for the poster itself.


Art Styles

The final assignment was to design a poster using two distinct art styles that we covered in class. We had Impressionism, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Plakatstil, Constructivism, and Art Deco as choices. We were required to create one final poster, but could design more if we so chose. I decide to design four because I love designing posters and wanted to have more posters for my portfolio. Of my four final posters I designed for the final assignment for the class, three of them combined two art styles, but this one I chose to combined four: Art Nouveau, Plakatstil, Impressionism, and Art Deco. The borders, flowers, Mucha crescent and fonts were Art Nouveau, the background rays and one of the border elements are Art Deco. The cool colors of blues against the warm colors of red of Marilyn’s bathing suit are the art style of Impressionism. The single subject or product is Marilyn Monroe and that is Plakatstil.  I you would like to view my other three final posters you view them in my art styles section on my poster designs page.