Old Site

Original website’s design

For the redesign off the AAH Solar website I originally planned not to redesign it, but to just update the site. However, after going through the site on the back end and and seeing how it was developed to fix a few of the issues of the website, such as the text not aligning properly on the contact page I decided it was better  to redesign the site with a theme that used a builder plugin to make it quicker and easier for fixing the problems and to do updates later in the future. Another reason I decided redesign the website was the layout of some the pages wasn’t very user friendly in particular the services page. The services page original design had a services section and explanation of how solar works section, a is solar right for you section and FAQ section which wasn’t user friendly because every question the user clicked on it took the user to the same PDF. Another reason for redesigning the site was that some of the links didn’t work on original site such as the the links to the social media sites and some links in the resources section.

Visual Designs


For the redesign of the AAH Solar website I wanted the site to have a clean minimalistic look that kept the same color scheme as the original website. I designed the visuals for the design of AAH Solar website in Sketch. As you can from the visuals above I decided to expand upon the original website’s design by adding more pages and sections to the website to make the site more attractive and more user friendly. I did this by adding a expanded footer menu, and did a total redesign of the services page by giving it its own page, adding a resources, FAQ, how solar works, and a is solar right for you pages to the website. Furthermore, I also added a free quote, terms of use, privacy, and gallery pages to the website.