Halloween Diorama Case Study

The Diorama

This Halloween diorama I designed during the second quarter of my Bachelor’s degree for my Motion Graphics I class. I designed this diorama in Adobe Photoshop and animated it in After Effects. I thought that Halloween would make for a good subject for my diorama project. I was inspired by the ending title sequence from the movieĀ Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. I started to design this diorama by drawing out a storyboard for it and then I looked for other pieces of artwork for inspiration.


Not only did I get my inspiration from theĀ ending title sequence from the movie Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, but also from these images I found online at bing/images.com. I really wanted to design a diorama that was both creepy and fun and really represented Halloween well. Another place I gained som inspiration for my diorama was on YouTube. I had seen some videos of dioramas that people had created by hand with various materials, (wood, cardboard, and plastic etc…) they were really cool and wanted design something that was animated equally as cool as those I had seen.


The artwork for this diorama I designed in Adobe Photoshop and I gathered some of the images from the internet at bing/images. I wanted the majority of the artwork to be silhouettes because it was look I was going for and I also wanted the silhouette look because the diorama was 3D. While working on this project it definitely revealed some strength and weaknesses that I have. I realized quickly that I am pretty good at designing pieces of animation, but that I am also still learning and still need to learn more to get to where I want to be as animator. I also realized that I when I get locked into a project like this that I can get a lot accomplished because I usually don’t stop and want to keep on going until I get it done. However, I also learned that sometimes I need to take a break and step back because sometimes a better idea will come along later. In the end I was very happy how this diorama came out and thought it was much better than my first diorama I created during my associate’s degree.