Pellet Parts Logo

The Pellet Parts Logo was part of a project that I was working when I was designing one of multiple different sites I was designing when I was working for Acushnet Alternative Heating. I was redesigning two of their current sites and designing two new ones completely from scratch. The Pellet Parts Online was a new addition to the company and this was something I was designing completely from scratch.

To start the project I started with a color scheme then started to do some basic layout visuals for the site before starting to create a the logo. For the logo design I went through many different versions for a couple of reasons. One because I like to do multiple versions to see what may come out of the process because sometimes you envision one thing, but something better may come along by doing many versions. Secondly, I wanted several versions for the owner to choose from. He may liked some aspects about one and some about another and I could then go back and modify if that was the case. Lastly, I like to multiple versions because it really allows you as a designer to refine your design.

ejstudios, logo design, pellet parts logo
ejstudios, pellet parts logo, logo design

For the final version of the Pellet Part Logo, number eleven was chosen from the set of logos I had designed, as the logo to represent the brand. It was my favorite logo from the set logos that I had created and it was also the owner’s choice as well. I made one slight adjustment to the logo to finalize it. I made a slight change to the bottom of the ribbon. In the version of the logo in the set there was a small space at the bottom of the ribbon, but upon further review a friend pointed out that this space looked a little weird and I had agreed after showing to him, so after this review from him I then decided to make a change.