How to Title Design II


For my second how-to title sequence, I designed a series of parallaxes. I was inspired by the title sequence from the movie The Greatest Game. When I was coming up with ideas for this title sequence I knew I wanted to do something totally different from my first title sequence I had created and I also wanted to design something totally different from what any of my fellow classmates were thinking about designing.



I began the process by creating a storyboard for the title sequence. I started out with several images for the storyboard a narrowed it down to the four best photos that I thought were the most suitable to turn into parallaxes. I had to narrow the number of photos down because I only had thirty seconds to animate them which was the project’s requirement for my Motion Graphics I class.

Title Assets

I looked for and found the images for the title sequences on the internet at bing/ and the Library of Congress. I then went into Adobe Photoshop and broke apart the images. Once the images were broken apart I brought them into After Effects to be animated. Next, I went into Cinema 4D and got the 3D models for the title sequence and I then went into Photoshop and designed a text frame for the titles. I then went back into After Effects took the separated psd made them into 3D layers and began to animate the title sequence. Finally, I added the music and decided on using the main overture from the movie the Greatest Game Ever Played as a tribute.I really think the epic music really goes well with the parallaxes in the title. Like when I was designing my diorama I found that I had some strengths and weaknesses when I was designing my title sequence. I knew that I was pretty good at creating a parallaxes, but came to realized that it was a strength of mine. However, while creating this title sequence I also realized that I need to improve on animating in Cinema 4D. I am so used to animating in After Effects, which is probably my favorite software program, but I know now that I need to pay more time and attention to other animation software programs. Once I was finished animating the title I was pretty happy with the results. After designing a couple different variations’ I thought the title sequence came out really well and I look forward to extending this piece and making it longer in the near future.