These are three flash banners I created while taking a course in Adobe Flash. One had to be a vehicles flash banner ad, the second banner had to an ad for a vacation destination, and the last banner was one of our own choices. I created these banners using Adobe Photoshop and Flash.
Metallica Banner

New Hampshire Banner

Chevy Volt Banner

Bird Fly
The bird fly was my first animation I did in Flash and it was an assignment that had three requirements. In the animation, we had to use the bird, the fire and the splash. We could tell any story we wanted as long as it had the three requirements. The entire animation was designed using Adobe Flash.

How to make a cup of coffee
The how-to was a two-class assignment. In my Illustrator class we were given a few topics to choose from, such as how to make a pizza, how to plant a tree, or how to drive a manual transmission. I chose to do the “how to make a cup of coffee.” In my Illustrator class I had to create the pieces to be animated in flash, such as the coffee pot, arm, and sink etc. Then, for my final assignment in my Flash class, our instructor provided us the audio for the how-to. We had to create the buttons for the menu in Flash import, animate the illustrations, and time it with the audio. I created the how-to video in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash.