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Cinemagraph 1

For the first of my cinemagraphs I used the steam rising out of a coffee cup. The idea for this cinemagraph came to me pretty quickly. I thought that this idea would make for a good cinemagraph. In the first cinemagraph my friend Kasey held the cup of coffee while I took the video and photos. I later combine the video and still image in Adobe Photoshop to make the cinemagraph.

Cinemagraph 2

For my second cinemagraph I switched places with my friend Kasey and she shot the video and still image for the cinemagraph while I held the coffee. This cinemagraph however I used the cut out filter in Photoshop to give this one a little bit of a different look.

Cinemagraph 3

For the this cinemagraph I got the idea for this cinemagraph from others I had seen on the web of water moving in the background. I put a photoshop filter on it to make it my own, plus I wanted to an extra one and something different from the previous two that I had created.

Photoshop Frame Animation

Photoshop Animation

The Photoshop animation was a class assignment during the first quarter of my Bachelors degree. During that class we were learning how to animate in Adobe Edge Animate and Photoshop as well. For this particular assignment we were to come with our own short animation in Photoshop. We were shown similar examples of Photoshop animations in class.