Parallax 1

For this first parallax I thought that having a space seen with planets moving in the background would make for a good parallax. I made this parallax by using Adobe Photoshop to break up the images I needed and then I animated it Adobe Edge.

Parallax 2

For this second parallax I wanted create something from a movie and Inception is one of my all time favorite movies. I saw this Inception wallpaper online and thought it would make for a good parallax, so I found the scene and poster that the person used to create the wallpaper and I brought them into Adobe Photoshop to break them apart and save them as png’s to be Animated in Adobe Edge. The final outcome of the parallax I wasn’t totally happy with because the animation is to choppy. I think I will revisit this idea at layer time animate it in Adobe After Effects to create a smoother and improved animation.

Parallax 3

For this third parallax my inspiration came from a inclass assignment I did in my Web Animation class. I thought I could build upon that idea and put my own twist on it.