Books and Links

Want to read and learn more about ancient civilizations? Here are some of our favorite books, and links to other websites dedicated to the subject ancient history. This list of books and links by various researchers provides great information on the subject of our ancient history.  Click here to view more great books.

image of the book fingerprints of the gods by graham hancockimage of the book heavens mirror by graham hancockimage of the book underworld by graham hancockBooks by Graham Hancock
image of the book lost knowledge of the ancients by various authors
By Graham Hancock & Various Authors
A great starter book by various authors such as Graham Hancock and John Anthony West. Lost Knowledge of the Ancients covers a wide variety of topics such as the Orion Zone and underwater sites found off the coast of India and much more.
Three incredible books by resercher/author Graham Hancock. Using a combination of geology, archeo-astronomy, and computer simulations Graham Hancock puts forth the question is there a missing epoch from our distant past? Graham Hancock travels to ancient sites all around the world both on land under the sea to find the evidence of a lost civilization.